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One App to Securely Manage All of Your Devices
Visibility is crucial to the success of your business. Managing and updating devices can be difficult, especially when workers are on the move. In the face of constantly changing data, a system that keeps itself up-to-date is a powerful tool. MoboLink unites and keeps track of all of your devices securely so you can keep your company running full steam ahead.
What is MoboLink?
Unitech's proprietary mobile device management (MDM) software connects all of your Unitech mobile devices securely. Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone you can add and sync compatible Unitech mobile computers easily and monitor each device's performance and activity.

This IoT solution allows you to manage each unit through one central hub. You'll never have to worry about missing units because MoboLink gives you access to connected devices and keeps tabs on all of them. Unitech devices with MoboLink software installed come bundled with our comprehensive service and support; delivering a one-stop enterprise solution.
Key Features:
• Install & Upgrade Applications
• Schedule Tasks
• Enable/Disable Hardware Capabilities
• Manage MoboLink Projects/Users
• Monitor Device Health
• Cloud-based data storage
• SSL Encryption Data Communication
• Remote Lock/Unlock & Shutdown
• Manage Multiple Devices
• Events/Alerts/Tasks Logging
Ask About Our MoboLink Trial
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